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Christian Bryant     Bryant talks teammates, top five, and more
                       By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                                       August 10th, 2009

Christian Bryant is wanted all around the country. In a class where top shelf cornerbacks are hard to come by, Bryant is a diamond in the rough. TR spoke to Bryant Sunday night where he discussed his game, as well as his recently released Top 5. What schools were fortunate enough to make the list? Get inside to find out.

Bryant High School, Glenville, is known throughout the country for producing Division 1 talent year in and year out, and Mike Edwards, who committed to Tennessee in last year’s class was no exception. Bryant and Edwards are good friends, and Edwards has let it known to Edwards where he would like to see him suit up in college.

“Me and Mike are real good friends.” Bryant said. “He tells me a lot a of good things about Tennessee he just says that the overall program is pretty good and the coaches are great and the tradition and everything.”

Bryant, who estimates 30 offers, can pick and choose where he would like to play college ball, but has recently narrowed down his list to a Top 5, and described to TR what he liked about each of those options.

“I have a Top 5 of Ohio State, Michigan State, Tennessee, North Carolina, Illinois and I got one on the radar so this is probably my sixth school that may make its way up if I keep talking to them, Virignia.” Bryant offered. “I don’t have any favorites, I’m just going to keep contact with those schools and see where the best fits for me.”

Ohio State: “I just like the overall environment of Columbus and the coaches are great and I’m making a bond with the Ohio State coaches right now,”

Michigan State: “When I went to their camp I looked around and saw the facilities and talked to the coaches and I liked the environment, it was a real good experience at Michigan State,”

Tennessee: “I like their coaches, but I don’t know about them yet a whole lot about them, just from what Mike (Edwards) has told me and they’re on the right track,”

North Carolina: “Latwan (Anderson) has been talking about those guys, we both kind of like North Carolina and the coaches are nice and they’re real down to earth,”

Illinois: “I talk to coach Gilbert every once and while and we have a good connection like our bond is starting to grow stronger,”

Virginia: “I talked to their coaches about a month ago for about 30-40 minutes on the phone and we didn’t even talk about football so that is what I like about them,”

“I talk to the Ohio State coaches about once every two weeks and I have a pretty good bond with Coach Johnson, and my bond with Coach Narduzzi at Michigan State is pretty good,”

Bryant is a vastly talented player, and he knows what makes his game special and why so many schools have extended offers.

“I would say I have a lot of intensity and I fly to the ball and get to the ball fast.” Bryant said when asked to characterize his game. “My ball skills are my best attribute. I just need to keep working on my coverage ability but I think I’m still good at my coverage ability and I showed that off in Florida, but I still need to work on a few things.”

Though Bryant won’t be taking any unofficial visits, he will take his five allotted official visits.

“I probably won't take un-officials (visits), I’ll probably just take my five officials sometime in late November or December, but I haven’t scheduled those dates yet.” he said. “I know I want to visit Tennessee, Michigan State, and Ohio State, I know that for a fact but the last two in my Top 5 can change on what offers I get and this upcoming season.”

Right now, Bryant has a timeframe in mind as to when he will make his commitment, and knows what factors will play a role when he does make his decision.

“I’m committing in December, I’ve made up in my mind that I’m committing sometime in December,” he said.

“I’m just looking at how the coaches and the players bond with each other and the connection they have. The facilities have to be nice and the overall environment of the university, the campus life, the academics, and just the overall tradition and like I don’t want to go to a school where they don’t want to win, I want to go to a school where winning is everything.”

“Right now that’s really not a problem,” Bryant said on distance away from home. “But it might be one later down the road, but right now that’s not a problem.”

Bryant is #9 in Ohio’s Top 25 for the Class of 2010.