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Demar Dorsey       Dorsey planning to take visits
               By Charles Drake/ThaRinger.Com
                             July 28th, 2009

Ever since Demar Dorsey committed to the Florida Gators late last October, there have been rumors
about a possible de-commitment. With a recent visit
to Gainesville those rumors have subsided, for now. TR caught up with the speedy prospect to find out
how his trip was and what his plans are moving forward.

If you want speed, Boyd Anderson defensive back Demar Dorsey is your man. At a recent Under
Armour Combine in Orlando the speedster was clocked at 4.25 in the 40 yard dash, but when asked about the amazing time he wasn't very impressed with it.

"I can run faster than that," the 6'2", 190 pound prospect boasted "I ran 4.18 and 4.19 before."

His blazing combine times are also helped quite a bit by the fact that Demar is an accomplished track star for the Cobras; running as fast as 10.5 in the 100 meters and 21.4 in the 200 meters.

This past year Dorsey played mostly safety for his Boyd Anderson team and amassed 82 tackles and 5 interceptions, but most recruiting analysts can't agree whether he projects better at corner or safety.

"Most teams are recruiting me at corner and safety. I'll play wherever the team needs me at." said Dorsey.

"My strengths are my cover speed, awareness, tackling ability, and man coverage"

"I probably need to work on my foot work; getting out a little better"

On the recruiting front, this past Friday Dorsey took the trip up to Gainesville to attend the Florida "Friday Night Lights" camp.

"Friday Night Lights was good, I showed there what I can do" said Dorsey "I had no balls caught on me at the camp, so it was great going against some great receivers and having fun."

Out of the numerous elite receivers at the event two stood out in his mind.

"The best I would say were Chris Dunkley from Palm Beach and Ivan McCartney."

While he states he is solidly committed to Florida, Demar still plans to take his five official visits and shared where four would most likely be.

"USC, probably Tennessee, and West Virginia; and I'm going to take an official visit to Florida too."

Keeping tabs on the Dorsey recruitment are a couple friends at two of the schools on his list.

"At West Virginia, I talk to Eugene Smith there and he tells me how it is." Dorsey said "At Tennessee, I talk to Coach Kiffin and I talk to Nu'Keese Richardson so the two schools that I looked at I know a couple people that attend the schools and they tell me about 'em"

While on campus, Dorsey has a couple things that he will be looking for.

"Great academics and I'm trying to see the field."

Even the most patient kids in the world can be tired out by the constant noise that comes with being a high caliber recruit. But at the end of the day, amidst all the rumors and people vying for his time, Demar seems ok with it.

"The recruiting process is straight. It's nothing too big that I can't handle it."

*Photos Courtesy of InsideTheU.Com and GatorCountry.Com