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Demarco Cobbs  

    Cobbs is back from Tennessee

                     By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                                     August 11th, 2009

Demarco Cobbs is a hot commodity on the recruiting circuit, and has many programs chomping at the bit to just get a visit from the playmaker out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Recently, Tennessee was lucky enough to host Cobbs on an unofficial visit. How did Cobbs like his visit? Find out that, and more, inside.

Cobbs spent some quality time in Knoxville this past weekend, and discussed with TR what he liked so much about his visit.

“It was pretty cool cause I was excited about hanging out with the staff,” Cobbs said. “The coaching staff is ridiculous, almost all the guys have experience coaching in the NFL, there’s some Hall of Fame coaches too with Monte Kiffin and Coach Orgeron. The whole coaching staff is ridiculous, they got a real good coaching staff, I expect them in the future, if not sooner to win a lot of football games at Tennessee. I really enjoyed myself, Coach (Frank) Wilson, the receiver coach, and I had some time to talk, and I spoke to a few players like Denarius (Moore), Nu’keese (Richardson), GJones (Gerald Jones, (David) Oku and what not. All the coaches were pretty cool, I would say I bonded and got to know everybody and see their works and the intensity of the practice. I bonded pretty well with all the coaches.”

In fact, Cobbs enjoyed his visit so much, he decided to stay an extra night.

“The reason I did that (extend his visit) is because I enjoyed myself so much I just wanted to be around the coaches at least one more day and just seeing everything I wanted to see everything and see practice and that’s why I did that.” he said.

How would Cobbs compare his visit to Tennessee with other schools he’s seen?

“Well, basically I had a lot more time to sit with the coaches and the players getting to see everything, my other visits I was either at a camp so I didn’t really get to spend time with the coaches like that, but I can’t really compare them right now cause I was at a camp and Tennessee was an unofficial, but the visit was great though.” Cobbs offered. “I would have to say them and LSU (have been the best).”

As for other schools, Cobbs claims a Top 6, but admits that three are starting separate themselves from the pack.

“LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee,” Cobbs said of his Top 6. “As of now, actually LSU, Tennessee, and Alabama are kind of ahead of Georgia Oklahoma and Florida ,but I don’t have any stand out schools.”

Cobbs has a few schools in mind that he would like to take official visits to, and knows what he’s going to look for on those visits.

“I haven’t set it up by I’m definitely going to take official visits to LSU, Tennessee, Alabama and I’m going to take one to Arkansas. I just feel like I need to take one there. (to Arkansas)”

“Just a family environment where the players are one heartbeat, they get along with each other, maybe get into a scuffle at practice, but that’s part of competing, and being able to shake it off at the end say, ‘hey lets go out tonight, lets do something, lets have fun,’ Being able to have that type of brother hood, bonding real well with my position coach and help my team win. Academics too.”

Cobbs currently comes in at #66 in the ThaRinger.com’s Top 300 for the Class of 2010.