Dior Mathis Dior Mathis
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                   Scouting Report: Dior Mathis
                                                              By Miles Fomby/ThaRinger.Com


Cass Technical High School

Detroit, Michigan

Projected Position

Height / 5'9"
Weight / 169
40 time / 4.5

Around 25, including Florida, Florida State, Iowa, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon, and Tennessee.

5.7 /

Scouting Report
As I was watching film on Mathis two words came to mind, competitive and physical. Mathis has what any defensive backs coach wants in a cornerback. He is very physical when playing man to man and he brings the wood on his tackles. When you play corner back you are out there on an island at times and your competitive edge helps out more than a lot of people realize. He is only 5'9", but his leaping ability, quickness, and flexible hips allow him to play bigger than he really is.  

Who He Reminds Me Of
New Orleans Saints Jabbari Greer.

College Outlook
Dior Mathis' ability to be physical on every play and his competitive edge will allow him to see early playing time at Oregon. He could be a special teams star as a freshman. His size will hinder him, but what hurts him the most is his habit of jumping routes too early. If he can learn to time his breaks and play more conservative at times, he could become a lock down corner at the collegiate level and receive All-Pac 10 honors.