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Gary Nova holding 5 offers

By Warren Lent






As New Jersey’s own Don Bosco Prep ended their season sitting atop the national rankings and winning the national title outright, enthusiasts across the nation were looking for the key to the Ironmen’s success.

The marvelous accomplishment was quickly deemed a team effort by those around the program, but individual talent was not easily looked over. With talent on the offensive side of the ball like Tony Jones and Jimmy Clark (43 Combined TD’s), playmaking ability was obviously a strength for the Ironmen. Add on a stout defense that allowed 131 points in twelve games, being a national title contender is always a serious prospect.

But with such explosive players on each side of the football, there had to have been a nucleus to keep this team in check through out their run in 2009. In the background of the senior stars was junior quarterback Gary Nova. The first year starter quietly led the perennial superpower from New Jersey to a national title. Nova is far from greedy though, and knows the significance of such an outstanding year. “You can’t top a national championship and it’s probably a once and a lifetime opportunity.”

Having ten seniors graduate from Don Bosco and pursue D-1 football careers, coaches and players alike knew a reloading process must begin during the 2010 offseason.

“We lose a lot of seniors but we have a lot of other young talent. We just want to win the state, be number one in the Tri-State, and number one on the east coast” Nova has faith in his peers and instills trust in them on and off the field, just like his coaches did for him last season. “Last year, my coach told me I did a great job being the leader of the team and that I should keep that up heading into next year.”

Don Bosco’s head coach is none other than Greg Toal, a name which has become synonymous with winning through the high school ranks. As expected, Nova has nothing but praise for his coach and mentor.

“Coach Toal is a motivational coach and he will never settle for anything but your best. Everybody respects him, and he’s probably one of the best high school coaches in the country.”

Comfort with coach Toal goes even farther than the high school field though. Mr. Toal has not only developed college applicable talent while at Don Bosco, but he has built up college stars. Seeing this in the purest form with his 2010 recruits gives Nova reason to look forward to his future.

“It feels great to have a coach that has coached guys that have gone on to do amazing things in college. Not only go to any college, but some of the best colleges academically in the nation. I know that I can put my trust in him and he can put me on the right path. He’s done that and I have some great early offers from schools already.”

Those scholarship offers are from schools like Boston College, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia and Vanderbilt. With those offers in tow, Nova also has a few programs looking hard into his services, but have not offered him yet. Most notably, those schools are, Michigan State, Penn State, and Northwestern. With the interest coming in, Nova keeps his priorities in order.

“I’m trying to just keep an open mind right now and weigh all my options. Right now I’m just focused on working out with the team and I think that stuff [recruiting] will work itself out in the future."

While playing in 2009, the 6'2", 210 pound QB was more of a game manager for the Ironmen than he was a direct scoring threat. Even with the general consensus of fans being just that, Nova threw twenty-three touchdowns and only three interceptions while facing some of the most vaunted defenses in the country. Even with limited attempts compiled by the end of the season, it could be easily determined that Nova was talented enough to pilot Don Bosco once again in the 2010 campaign. Even with much of his physical abilities already in place for next season and beyond, Gary Nova knows that he must progress in some forms of his game.

“I definitely need to work on throwing the ball down the field more and work on my mobility and awareness. Sometimes I felt like taking off and maybe it was a cause of being a first year quarterback I was a little hesitant to heading down field because I did not want to turn the ball over. This year I have to play a little looser and be able to get the best out of all my teammates.”

With a support system the size of Don Bosco’s in terms of football and preparatory actions for college, Gary Nova knows he is in the right place to play the game he loves. With a National title banner in the past, Nova looks toward a future that may seem too bright for most to endure. Enjoy the glare ladies and gentlemen; Gary Nova has a ticket to stardom.