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"I took it right there on the spot."

By Miles Fomby




When and how did Southern California offer?

“Today they told my coach they were going to offer me. I got on the phone with them today at school. I called Coach Morton up and he told me that they were going to offer me. He told me to come down there and talk to coach [Lane] Kiffin."

“After school I drove down there and we went back with coach Kiffin. He told me they were offering me a full scholarship to USC and I took it right there on the spot.”

How do you feel about Coach Lane Kiffin and the new USC coaching staff?

“I feel great about them. They are young. They are fired up to play. They are just ready to win and that is what I want. I want a coach that wants to win. He [Coach Lane Kiffin] is there to win and I am excited about that.”

Are you going to look around at all or are you done with the recruiting process?

“I might take a trip here and there, but SC is where I dreamed of playing. It is where I am going to be and it is where I am going to stay. I will probably just kick it around L.A. a little bit. So I do not know if I will take any trips.”

What factors went into your decision?

“I grew up down the street from USC so growing up right next to SC played a big part in it. When I was a little kid I grew up watching them so I have always dreamed about playing in the Coliseum. So when they gave me that chance to commit to USC that is what I did.”

Why USC?

“Everything about California, the weather to playing in Los Angeles to playing in that huge Coliseum, nothing really gets better than that, especially playing for coach Kiffin.”

What are your expectations for yourself coming up as a junior?

“I just wanted to get better as an overall player and become a better leader. Now with this college process over with, basically so early I can really focus on that. So that is what I want to do, become a leader and hopefully lead my team to state.”



 “One of my big strengths is I am very physical for a wide receiver so that helps me a lot. I would also say it is route running and me being really aggressive on the offensive side of the ball.”



“I do not pay attention to detail on my route running. I need to work on all of the little things, like getting off a jam, because the little things will help with the big things.”

What are you expectations of your team and can you talk a minute about Oaks Christian?

“With Oaks, they really prepare us for football since they bring a system that is so similar to college. Especially with USC because we have three or four coaches that have come from USC. They know that system so they can prepare me and the rest of my squad for college. I give a lot of credit to my head coach that has helped me out."

“I am just trying to help my team win the league. Win the championship out here, go to state, and win that. I want to go 15-0 this year and win state.”