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Tony Grimes           FLA DB talks visits/game
            By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                            August 7th, 2009

Tony Grimes is one of the top defensive backs in the state of Florida, and the proof is in his offer list. With offers from many of the top programs in the country, Grimes can pick and choose where he wants to play his college ball. Friday afternoon TR caught up with Tony who discussed his array of options, and more.

Though Grimes Hollywood Hills High School team struggled to a 2-8 record last season, there hopes for this upcoming season are high.

“We went 2-8 (last season),” Grimes said. “We’re going to be pretty good this year, I don’t see us having a losing season. We have 19 starters coming back and we have five kids on defense with scholarships (offers) already so we’re looking pretty good.”

Being in the talent rich area of South Florida, it’s a given that he keeps in contact with some other high profile recruits, but the recruitments he really pays attention closely to are some of his teammates.

“Yeah I keep contact with Clarence Murphy, Cody Riggs, Lamarcus Joyner, Caleb Vincent,” Grimes said. “Actually we have a couple guys on my team talking about going to the same college and if that works out I’m up for it.”

“My defensive linemen Clarence Murphy and linebacker Caleb Vincent we’re all pretty interested in Michigan.”

Grimes has a laundry list of offers, but refrains from naming any favorites.

“Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Miami, West Virginia, South Carolina, Texas Tech are just some of my offers.” he said. “I don’t have any top schools right now. They’re all coming at me pretty much the same.”

Grimes has also visited several schools unofficially this summer, and didn’t hesitate when asked which one he enjoyed the most.

“I took visits to Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, and I camped at Miami.” Grimes offered. “Michigan most definitely stuck out of those. Just because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place as big and just wows you. When you step on campus they have something like 500,000 alumni still alive and have a new coaching staff and pretty much everybody came over from West Virginia and they’re looking to have a big turn around season this year.”

Grimes plans to announce on signing, and take all five of his five allotted official visits.

“I have one (official visit) set to Michigan and that’s during the season.” he said. “I have some schools in my head that I plan on visiting- Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama, and I’m debating whether I’m going to take one to Ole Miss or Oklahoma State.”

Grimes knows what sets him apart from your average defensive back, and he tries to utilize his skills on the field.

“I would say sort of excitement, impact, I bring a lot to the table, wherever I’m at on the field I’m ready to make a play.” Grimes said when asked to describe how he plays. “My leadership. I just want to learn the game more"

What is Grimes looking for when he takes those official visits?

“I just want to go to a place that’s best for me a school whatever school that puts me in the best situation to succeed at the next level.” he described.

Grimes checks in at #290 in ThaRinger.com’s Top 300 for the Class of 2010, and #34 in the state of Florida.